Top Reasons a Winter Wedding is Perfect

We think winter is a wonderful time of year to have a wedding. Whether it’s a Christmas celebration or a New year surprise, there are many reasons why winter is perfect for your special day.

To help inspire you, we’ve listed some of the top reasons you should consider a magical wedding this season.

1. It Costs Less

Weddings tend to be more popular during the seasons of spring and summer, which consequently drives up the prices of venues. If you choose to have a winter wedding, you can save lots of money on venue, food and even photographers.

Granted, it may be a little cold, but the money you save can be used towards a wonderful honeymoon in a scorching hot place to make up for it.

2. It’s Magical

There is always something about the winter season that feels magical. Cold weather, cosy elements, pale sparkling colours – it has everything you need to create a memorable day. If you’re lucky enough to have snow, it will make for fabulous wedding pictures and bring you a day you will never forget. You can take advantage of the winter elements by having your reception around an open fire, making the space more romantic with candles to light up the dark days, and you can design your wedding menu to reflect delicious winter food!

3. It’s Different

People may often think you are taking a risk when you have a wedding in winter, but it will probably be a wedding your guests will remember forever – for all the right reasons. You don’t have to worry about checking weather apps six weeks before your big day, as you already know it will be cold, so you can plan for that.

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