The Multi-Purpose Prom Dress

When it comes to buying a beautiful dress that you love, why on earth would you only wear it once? It’s an argument you hear often in the wedding industry; but when it comes to prom dresses, there’s even more opportunity to turn that beautiful frock into someone showstopping for other events.

Opt for Simple and Timeless

Choosing a dress that’s simple and elegant is a great way to make it a multipurpose purchase, especially if you opt for a classic block colour like navy or black. Choosing a shape and style that flatter your figure will make you want to wear your dress time and time again too.

Simple styles with few embellishments can easily be repurposed for another day or another event, if you’re worried about wearing the same look twice, take your favourite dress to the tailor for a bit of alteration that will make a world of difference.

Go Short

A shorter dress is a fantastic option for a formal dress that can be both dressed up and dressed down. Not only does it make your frock more suitable for a multitude of different events, it also gives a more modern feel that a full-length dress would, not to mention being a better fit for getting yourself on that dance floor.

Becoming more and more common at proms and formal events, knee and calf-length dresses are slowly becoming the norm at formal dances and dinners, offering a completely different look.

It’s Also About the Accessories

With just a change of jacket or shoes, transforming an outfit from something ready for prom to something suitable for a more formal wedding, or even a night out. The versatility of your dress can be as simple as swapping your high heels for flats and leaving your hair loose instead of putting it in an updo.

Simple makeup in comparison to a more glam look can change the feel of any outfit.

Tiffany’s can help you choose the perfect outfit, so if you’re looking for a beautiful formal dress for the next big occasion, take a look at our stockists for locations to buy.